Mattress Disposal

What to do with my Mattress?

Mattress disposal can be a challenge, as mattresses are large and often difficult to dispose of properly. One option is to contact your local waste management company and ask about their policies for disposing of mattresses. Many cities and towns have specific guidelines for disposing of mattresses, and the waste management company can provide information about how to do so. Another option is to contact a mattress recycling company, which can often recycle the materials in a mattress and re-purpose them for other uses. Finally, you can also check with local charities or organizations that accept donations of used mattresses and may be able to pick up the mattress from your home.

OR – Just call Alpha Team KC Dumpster Service. If you are throwing away your mattress, you probably have some other trash as well. Just put it all in one of our dumpsters. We will make sure your mattress disposal is done properly. No need to haul it away, or look at it in your garage. We are one call or text away. If you are just throwing away the mattress then our 11 yard dumpster will be just fine. But maybe get a larger one and clean out the garage while you are at it. Using Alpha Team’s dumpster service is easy as texting 816-759-2881.

Alpha Team will take your Mattress!
Mattress Disposal

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