Roll Off Dumpster FAQ

Without a doubt the 20 cubic yard roll off dumpster is the most popular. We call it the “20 yarder”.  It has a very manageable footprint that fits on any driveway.  The 20 yarder is 12 feet long by 8 feet wide by 6 feet tall.  It has double doors on the back (just like barn doors) that open up and let you carry, drag, or wheel your trash into it.  See the dumpster sizing post to the left.

The Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provides convenient access to proper hazardous material disposal for all district residents. The MARC Solid Waste Management District encompasses Cass, Clay, Jackson, Platte and Ray counties in Missouri. Residents of  participating communities may take paint, car tires, chemicals, etc. to the permanent collection facilities in Kansas City, Missouri, and Lee’s Summit at no charge. (Proof of residency is required.) Residents of non-participating communities may access the Lee’s Summit facility for a fee.

A dumpster from Alpha Team KC will not harm your driveway in any way.  Our trucks are low profile and lightweight, specifically designed for placing dumpsters without impact to your drive.

Yes. We clean them weekly so you and your neighbors will not have to look at a dirty dumpster in front of your home.

You can put anything you want in the roll off dumpster rental except for hazardous materials and aggregates. These include paints, solvents, oil, concrete, rocks, bricks, dirt, lath and plaster. It also includes car tires. If you have specific questions please call and we will let you know.  You can take Hazardous Waste to the –  Click here for locations:  collection facilities

No. If you pay by credit card over the phone you do not need to be present.

Sometimes it makes sense to order two, 20 yard dumpsters instead. They are easier to fill and are much lower profile on your driveway.

We can have one to you the same day in most cases.  The next day for sure.

Yes.  You pay only one flat fee.  You can see this on our pricing page

Same day in most cases, by the next business day for sure.

Yes.  We carry full coverage.

 It is possible that a roll-off dumpster could damage your property if it is not placed properly or if it is overloaded. Here are a few steps you can take to avoid this issue: First and foremost, hire professionals like Alpha Team Dumpster Service.  We will make sure the steps below are followed. 

  • Make sure that the dumpster is placed on a stable and level surface. Avoid placing it on soft ground, such as grass or soil, as this can cause the dumpster to sink and put stress on the wheels.

  • Do not overload the dumpster. Be sure to check the weight limit and distribute the waste evenly to prevent the dumpster from becoming top-heavy or unstable.

  • Keep the area around the dumpster clean and clear. Avoid placing any objects near the dumpster that could be knocked over or cause damage.

  • Consider using a dumpster pad or other protective barrier between the dumpster and your property. This can provide an additional layer of protection and help to prevent damage to the ground or other surfaces.

By following these steps, you can help to prevent damage to your property and ensure that your dumpster rental experience is safe and successful.

Best Practices when getting a dumpster rental

When renting a dumpster there are a few things you should do to have the best experience possible.  First, you should try to rent a dumpster from a company who can get it out to you within a day or possibly the same day.  If they tell you nothing is available for a week or two, chances are when you are done, it may take a week or two before they will schedule you for a pick-up.

When the dumpster is on your driveway there are a couple things we recommend you do.  If it rains, monitor the water that comes out of the dumpster.  They are not water tight, so water will leak out of the front or back depending on the slope of your driveway.  Sometimes the water will be rusty (it is a big steel box after all).  If you take your hose and rinse down the area where the water leaks out, you will not have any issues with staining.  Just as if something spilled on your floor, rinse it off and it will go away.  If you forget to do this, not to worry.  The rust stains will come off.  It will just take a little more effort to do so.  Rust stains are not permanent.

Along those same lines, no liquids are allowed in the roll off dumpster.  This includes paint, gas, solvent, etc.  The dumpster is not water tight and they will leak out on to your driveway.  Not to mention, the state considers them hazardous and we can not transport them.

Use common sense.  We have to drive on the highway at 65 mph.  Having the top layer made up of leaves or papers is just not a very good idea.  They will blow out and make a huge mess.  Please place all loose items on the bottom, or better yet secure them in trash bags.  It is the law that nothing can be over the top edge.  If you overfill the dumpster, we will  not be able to remove it from your property until it is leveled off.

Call us.  If you have any questions please call and ask.  When you are done, please call and tell us so we can schedule a time for pick up.

Follow these simple best practices and your dumpster rental experience will be awesome.

Roll off Dumpster Rental Size

Picking a dumpster size is more of an art than a science.  We often hear the question, “how much does a 20 yard dumpster hold?”  Well, the simple answer is that it holds 20 cubic yards of trash. However that answer is not very helpful. All dumpsters are listed by cubic yards.  A cubic yard is a measure of volume, or more simply put, the empty space available inside of a container.  But what is a cubic yard?  The best way to tell you is to show you.

Cubic yard

The person pictured above is sitting on a “cubic yard”.   If you put your trash into a pile 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall by 3 feet deep, it would take up 1 cubic yard of space (volume).  A typical pick-up truck holds about 2 cubic yards of material.   Most people order the 20 cubic yard dumpster.  It’s not to big and it’s not to small.  It’s just right (most of the time).

Dumpster Rental

The dumpster pictured above is a 20 cubic yard dumpster.  Please note – 20 cubic yards does not mean 20 feet long or 20 yards long.  The dumpster is 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, 5.5 feet tall.  It fits nicely on any driveway.

If you still need more help deciding on a dumpster size please watch our short video which will give you all the options.

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