Dumpster Rental Rules

Items NOT allowed in dumpster are:

Concrete, rocks, dirt, gravel, bricks. Shingles, lathe and plaster, car tires, refrigerators and hazardous materials such as paint, gasoline, oil, etc. We see everything that is dumped out. Hiding it on the bottom will not keep us from noticing. Alpha Team uses a flat fee pricing schedule, HOWEVER if these items are in the dumpster you may incur extra charges. We will take photos of the items at the dump to show you what was in your dumpster if we find the above items.

The dumpster can only be filled to the top. Nothing can be above the top rim or hanging out over the sides. If it is overfilled we will not be able to remove the dumpster. (Per MO state law) We are not responsible for items stacked over the top of the dumpster. If we do attempt to remove the dumpster these items will fall off and will be left behind. This includes any items that your neighbors or random people have stacked on to the top. 

Time Period for use of the Dumpster:

Standard time period: 7 or 14 days (this is discussed prior to rental with Alpha Team). Please call us when you are finished to let us know to come by and pick the dumpster up. In most cases we will attempt to remind you we are coming if we do not hear from you to pick the dumpster up. Alpha Team reserves the right to pick up the dumpster at any time on the last day without notice. At times the dumpster may not be picked up on day 7 (or your agreed upon time period) due to weather or scheduling conflicts. You WILL NOT be charged for extra days unless an Alpha Team representative discusses with you prior. Extra charges may be incurred if any of the above rules are broken.

Reminder: Please call us when you are finished to let us know to come by and pick the dumpster up. We will NOT automatically show and take the dumpster.

Feel free to text or call us with any questions. 816-759-2881

Winter Rules:

In order for us to drop off or pick up a dumpster, the driveway needs to be clear of snow and ice.  Commercial dumpster trucks do not work like 4×4’s or standard cars.  If there is even a thin layer of snow there is a high probability that our truck will slide off the driveway and either become stuck or possibly damage something, especially if there is any slope to the surface.  Due to this reason we will not be able to schedule pick up’s or drop off until we are confident we can get to the dumpster.  You WILL NOT be charged for the extra time the dumpster sits on your property. Please trust we will do everything we can to accommodate your request, but safety is our highest priority. We may require you to send a a picture of the drop/pick up location so we can see if it the conditions are suitable for our trucks.  

dumpster rental rules
If you have ordered a dumpster for concrete this picture shows the max fill allowed
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